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Krystle Criscione


Dr. Krystle Criscione is a graduate of Mississippi University. She was awarded the Student American Veterinary Association, SAVMA, ‘Friend to All’ honor and was the recipient of the Daniel M. Thomas DVM scholarship. Dr. Criscione’s externships include specialized research with the USDA-ARS Poultry Research Unit, research with the MSU Dermatology Unit in search for efficacious medical therapies for shelter outbreaks of Demodex gatoi in felines, contributor to the Cayman Islands Blue Iguana Recovery Project, and completion of MARVET (Marine Animal Medicine and Conservation), a marine medicine program. Dr. Criscione has also completed advanced clinical rotations in anesthesia. She has excelled in veterinary dentistry and holds a dental hygiene license in human medicine. Dr. Criscione’s diverse background in human medicine, chemistry, biochemistry, and biology, as well as her personal experiences in farming, and animal conservation make her invaluable in emergency care. It is here, she found her passion.  In Dr. Criscione’s free time she enjoys camping with her daughter and spending time with her fur babies: Caesar, Steven, Timmy Tommy, Gorbash, Savannah, and Capurnica.