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How Microchipping Can Reunite Pets with Their Owners

May 30, 2018
How Microchipping Can Reunite Pets with Their Owners
One of the risks of owning a pet is them running away or getting lost. This can be an incredibly scary time for pet owners as many people consider their pets part of their family. While there are a couple of different ways that pet owners can protect their pets from being lost forever, Linwood […]
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Reverse Sneezing

April 17, 2018
Does a dog you know occasionally make a funny snorting sound? Did you ever hear someone mention that their dog does a reverse sneeze? Find out what this phenomenon is by checking out this educational handout!
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February is Dental Health Month

February 5, 2018
Scooby wants to remind you that February is Dental Health Month! Schedule a dental cleaning with us and your pet will receive complimentary full-mouth digital dental radiographs and a fluoride treatment. Giving your pet a clean, healthy mouth will make you want to smooch your pooch and kiss your cat more often! Give us a […]
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New Name & New Hours For Linwood

October 20, 2017
You’ve known us as Red Bank Veterinary Hospital, and though we remain part of the RBVH network, we changed our name on October 23rd to Linwood Pet Hospital. We hope you love our fresh look and want to assure you that your pet will continue to receive the exceptional care you expect. Our operating hours […]
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Common Health Risks for Obese Pets

October 18, 2017
Just like humans, pets are susceptible to unhealthy weight gain. This weight gain can quickly leap from slightly overweight to full-on obesity, which can be very dangerous for both cats and dogs. While a couple of extra pounds may not seem like a big deal, a pet’s weight can quickly cause numerous health issues that […]
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