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How Microchipping Can Reunite Pets with Their Owners

May 30, 2018
How Microchipping Can Reunite Pets with Their Owners
One of the risks of owning a pet is them running away or getting lost. This can be an incredibly scary time for pet owners as many people consider their pets part of their family. While there are a couple of different ways that pet owners can protect their pets from being lost forever, Linwood […]
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Dealing with a Terminal Illness in Your Pet

May 7, 2018
Discovering that your pet has a terminal condition can be overwhelming. Even though this isn’t an ideal situation, not all terminal diagnoses mean that you are faced with a quickly approaching loss. Working with a veterinarian, you can discover options that will help you provide the care that your pet needs and continue to enjoy […]
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Reverse Sneezing

April 17, 2018
Does a dog you know occasionally make a funny snorting sound? Did you ever hear someone mention that their dog does a reverse sneeze? Find out what this phenomenon is by checking out this educational handout!
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