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At Linwood Pet Hospital, you’ll find a lifetime of veterinary care and support for your beloved pet.

End-of-Life Care

In a perfect world, our pets could stay with us forever. But sometimes we have to say goodbye. If your pet has been diagnosed with a chronic illness, terminal disease or if symptoms of age have begun impacting his or her quality of life, we’ll be here to guide you through your choices.

Our veterinarian will perform a full physical exam using low stress, Fear Free techniques and spend time discussing any changes you’re seeing in your pet. We can provide tools for monitoring changes and schedule periodic check-ins to see how your pet is doing. We’ll also work with you to keep your pet comfortable and manage any pain.

When the time comes to let your pet go, we’ll be right there to provide the most low-stress and pain-free experience possible, beginning with a sedative so your pet is relaxed for a peaceful, meaningful moment together.

Pets are family members, and learning how to cope with their loss can be difficult, even when we’ve been expecting it. We offer emotional assistance and support resources to help you adjust and process your feelings. Anyone caring for a senior or terminally ill pet may experience anticipatory grief prior to their loss, and we offer support for those pet parents as well.

Speak with our staff if you are interested in participating in a local pet loss support group, and we will help you every way we can.