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At Linwood Pet Hospital, you’ll find a lifetime of veterinary care and support for your beloved pet.

Fear Free® Certified Visits

At Linwood Pet Hospital, we’re passionate about creating the best experience for both you and your pet. No one wants to see a pet feeling anxious over a visit to the doctor! So our staff put in the extra training to become certified in Fear Free® protocols. This initiative was started by Dr. Marty Becker, and creates a veterinary experience that keeps your pet in a calm and happy state of mind.

Common differences you will note at practices with Fear Free®-certification include the use of treats and praise throughout the visit. If your pet has an allergy or food sensitivity, be sure to let us know before your visit and bring along the high value treats you use at home. Some pets respond better to toys, so feel free to pack a few favorites we can play with to diffuse anxiety throughout the appointment.

The Fear Free® experience starts at home, so please call us today to chat about ways to manage your pet’s fear, anxiety and stress even before getting in the car.

Prepare for your appointment the Fear Free® way

For cats, be sure to use a sturdy carrier with two doors or a removable top. Cover the carrier with a towel to decrease visual stimuli and allow your cat to feel safe and hidden inside. Consider spraying Feliway (a feline calming pheromone) around the carrier and towel.

For dogs, we welcome you to come in together for a social visit, which can set a positive tone that carries over to your appointment. Any pets who need a muzzle for the safety of themselves or others should be trained ahead of time to wear a basket muzzle—then they don’t have to miss the fun and positive reinforcement of munching on high value treats during the appointment.

Contact us today to learn more about the Fear® Free experience and how it can change the way your pet sees a visit to the veterinarian.

Click here to download our Fear Free Questionnaire. Please fill it out and bring it to your appointment so we can get to know you and your pet better and customize your visit!

Returning home the Fear Free® way

You may have noticed that when you bring one pet home from the veterinarian or groomer, your other pets give the “returnee” the cold shoulder, acting as if they don’t know him. Worse, they may react negatively, even aggressively. That’s because the pet may smell or look different (especially if they have been shaved or had a surgical procedure), causing fear and anxiety in your other pets. Download a helpful flyer with tips on how to help prevent a negative reintroduction when returning home with a pet.

Create a Fear Free® Happy Home

Help your pet live a happy, healthy, full life by signing up to be a member of Fear Free Happy Homes. Registration is free! You’ll have access to videos with fun, easy-to-implement tips, articles by board certified veterinary behaviorists, handouts with games, tips, and tricks for your pet, and more!