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October 20, 2017
A Chinese medical technique refined over generations, acupuncture relieves pain and improves many illnesses in pets as well as people. Small needles are used to stimulate sensitive points of nerve gatherings under the skin, increasing endorphin and opioid release in the brain. Activation and movement of Qi (“Chi”) or “energy” bring the body back to […]
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March 31, 2020
We are pleased to offer in-person cardiology consultations including exams, ECGs, and echocardiograms ​(ultrasound of the heart) at our hospital by partnering with a mobile Board Certified Cardiologist. These appointments and diagnostics are done on scheduled days each month. The tests are non-invasive and help to determine the exact type and severity of heart disease that […]
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October 5, 2017
Accurately diagnosing a problem is the first step to successful treatment. With extraordinary diagnostic skill, innovative procedures, and the newest technology, our veterinarians rapidly identify the cause for patient illness, injury, or other concerns. We also have access to board-certified radiologists and cardiologists to review certain cases. Our diagnostic services include: In-House Blood Work Digital […]
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